The new drop, 100% recycled from plastic waste and made in Europe, available on the 27th of January.



We created Mood Paris because we truly think we can create without destroy , and we shouldn't have to choose between sustainable, effortless and sexy.

All our collections are made from European recycled or upcycled fabrics, and our packaging is recyclable or compostable.

Each bra is adjustable on 15cm on the back thanks to a sliding system we added, so it will always fit your body even if it evolves.

Did you know the bra sizing system did not evolve since a hundred years ?


Lundi, Flemme (Monday, lazy)

The Murphy's law can begin. You have just woken up, zero motivation, you just hit your toe against the table and you are out of coffee... And of course, you are late !

Samedi, minuit (Saturday, midnight)

You are getting ready for that saturday night fever you planned ! A nice outfit, maybe some lipstick but above all, you need to be on fleek from your feet to your boobs.

Jeudi, afterwork (Thursday, well.. afterwork)

You are starting to see the end of this week, just one day left before weekend. Also, just one working day left means you can go out tonight right ? So let's go to that afterwork.